03 July Sunday

Rescue For Nimisha : Deceased's Family Seeks 50 Million Riyals In Blood Money

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Friday Apr 22, 2022

Sana’a : Malayali nurse Nimisha Priya, facing death penalty for killing Yemeni national, can escape execution in exchange for 50 million riyals in blood money. The bargain was offered by family of deceased Talal Abdo Mahdi.

Backdrop : According to Nimisha, she was a longtime victim of abuse ad torture at the hands of Mahdi. Mahdi,  a business associate in her diagnostic lab enterprise exploited her, misrepresented himself as her husband to Yemeni authorities and prevented her from leaving the country.

On the fateful day of 25 July 2017, she injected him with sedatives hoping to retrieve her passport from his possession for escape. However, Mahdi reacted to the drug and died soon. To cover up, she then severed the body into pieces and dumped into water tank.

Meanwhile : Efforts, coordinated by retired Supreme Court Judge Justice Kurien Joseph, are underway to  have Nimisha exempt from death penalty. The task force is titled Save Nimisha Priva International Action Council.

The Union Ministry has been approached for to allow Nimisha’s mother and her 8-year-old daughter fly to Yemen and speakwith the deceased’s family.