27 November Sunday

Massive Earthquake Hits Mexico On Temblors Anniversary

Web Desk(TvmUpdated: Tuesday Sep 20, 2022

A 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck Mexico Monday on the anniversary of two devastating temblors  of Monday in the western region. Two have been reported. The quake rummaged buildings, knocked out power and send residents of Mexico city scrambling for cover.

Two victims were residents of the Pacific port of Manzanillo where one was crushed by the façade of a department store while other was killed at a mall. Video footage shows roof of the mall collapsed into its top floor that houses a gym and people yelling for  help.

Several hospitals in the western state of Michoacan reported damages the place being epicenter of the quake. One person was injured by falling glass in one of the hospitals.

The quake hit shortly after 1 pm local time.