19 January Tuesday

Left Leaders Freed in Pakistan After Nine Years

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday Nov 30, 2020

Islamabad: Leader of Pakistan’s Awami Workers’ Party and climate activist, Baba Jan(45) was released from prison after nine years. Also freed with him was another party workers Iftikhar Katbalai, Ameen Khan and Shakarullah.
Baba Jan, a native of,  Hunza valley in Pak-controlled Kashmir’s northern Gilgit Baltistan was vice president of Awami Workers Party and is a member of its Central Committee.  An anti-terrorism court in the country convicted him with life imprisonment on charges of terrorism for participating in the political riots of 2011. Their appeal against the sentence was dismissed in 2016. However this time, the court re-examined the plea and agreed to free them.
Baba  Jan was an active campaigner of public causes and also worked to draw public attention to adverse impact the climate change had on Karakoram mountains. The current release reportedly came after authorities, following local elections complete on Friday,  struck a deal with the leaders considering recent protests demanding their release.