07 April Tuesday

Italy Reverses Declining Trend, Reports 743 Deaths on Tuesday Alone; US To Be Next Epicenter

Web Desk‌Updated: Wednesday Mar 25, 2020

ROME : Respite from declining deaths in Italy took a jolt on Tuesday, after the country reported a sudden surge in fatalities - 743 deaths in the day alone. It is the second highest daily tally since the pandemic first broke out there on Feb 21. The country has witnessed larger number of deaths from the virus than any other country, with its total so far touching 6,820.


Italy had on Saturday recorded the higest  single-day fatalities. But that followed  declines on Sunday and Monday. 739 people had died on Saturday while Sunday registered 651 deaths and the tally slid to 601 on Monday. This two-day fall arouse hopes of conditions easing but Monday toll has now erased all of that.  


54,808 have tested positive in US.  775 people have died so far. On Tuesday, American playwright Terrence McNally died of Covid complications. Trump administration has  brought more states there under lockdown amid speculation that US would be the next global Covid hot-spot.


UAE reported 163 deaths on Tuesday. India has gone under complete lockdown since midnight Tuesday for next 21 days, barring its 1.3 billion people from stepping outside their homes except for emergency purposes. The measure captured world headlines. Globally, one-third of the world citizens have been clamped with Covid-related restrictions. Roughly 4,22,613 people have been diagnosed with the virus so far in countries of the world combined and 18,891 persons have died of it, while 1,08,879 have survived the infection.