27 June Monday
The fall of Kabul marks end of America's longest war spanning 2 decades and a spend of billions of dollars to make Afghan security forces capable of fending off insurgency

Government Collapses; Taliban Declares Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Monday Aug 16, 2021

Kabul : The Taliban swarmed into Afghanistan’s presidential palace Sunday , marking its complete its takeover, following which it declared Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan once again.

Heavily armed Taliban fighters first surrounded the capital and advanced into Kabul’s abandoned presidential palace. The militants will hold talks in coming days toward  what the Taliban spokespers said were  plans to  incorporate an “open, inclusive Islamic government”.

The restoration of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan was announced from the palace  - the country’s formal name under Taliban rule, before they were ousted by U.S.-led-forces following 9/11 attacks, pulled off by al-Qaida -  sheltered by Taliban at the time

Meanwhile, the capital city became  gripped by panic. Helicopters crisscrossed skies all day to evacuate personnel from U.S. embassy. Smoke billowed from a corner in the embassy compound as staff there burnt documents. The American flag was lowered. Other western establishments in the capital all prepared to send their people away.

Afghans in hundreds rushed to leave the country, queuing up at ATM machines to withdraw their life savings.   The marginalized people who left their homes in the countryside seeking refuge in the capital remained in parks and open spaces throughout Kabul.

Taliban has promised a peaceful transition, but US is taking no chances and warned Americans in the country to shelter in place and not try to get to the airport.

Commercial flights were  suspended following sporadic gunfire erupting at the Kabul airport. Evacuations are being carried out on military flights, however to Afghanis seeking to flee, the suspension of commercial flights has shut off their last route to world outside.

Meanwhile, several countries convened meeting of all their  parties seeking consensus to facilitate departure of foreigners and Afghans who wish to leave.

Also, a joint0ment distributed by the U. S. State Department was released in more than 60 countries. The statement says that those in power across Afghanistan “bear responsibility – and accountability – for the protection of human life and property, and for the immediate restoration of security and civil order.” The statement also called for keeping all roads, airports and border passages open.

The fall of Kabul marks end of America’s longest war that saw U.S. and NATO spend billions of dollars over nearly 20 years to build up Afghan security forces hoping so as to be capabale of fending off  insurgency.