26 March Sunday

Amendment To Model Code of Conduct Should Be Withdrawn : Sitaram Yechury

Web Desk‌Updated: Saturday Oct 15, 2022

New Delhi : CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury wrote to Election Commission(EC) urging to withdraw its amendment to existing model code of conduct. The Commission has put in the amendment unneccesarily. The purview of EC, as per  article 324 of the constitution, is  limited to overseeing and regulating conduct of elections and just that, said Yechury.

It is beyond powers of Election Commission to demand fund sources political parties would tap to fulfill their election promises.Political parties would have varying  political and policy perspectives with regard to ‘financial feasibility”.  For instance, CPI(M) does ot agree with the standpoint for deficit never to exceed one-third of the domestic GDP. There are counter measures to come upon  .financial fortification. . In the Subramaniam Balaji case, the EC asserted to the Supreme court that it is people who would evaluate the practicality of poll promises and freebies and it is  surprising that EC does a U-turn on that now, says Yechury in  his letter.

Context: The petition on election promises and freebies from political parties is already filed with the Supreme Court. And, EC’s haste to effect an amendment in the meanwhile  and  infringe on political parties’ rights, is totally uncalled for. Thus Yechury’s letter to EC demanding to roll back the amendment.