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Don’t Test Patience, Will Repeat Godra If Protests Continue : BJP Minister

Web Desk‌Updated: Saturday Dec 21, 2019

BENGALURU : If protests and violence were to continue unabated, Godra attacks will play out again, threatened Karnataka’s BJP Minister T V Ravi.

He was referring to ongoing protests despite curfew, prohibitory orders  and shootouts in Mangaluru, in which two protesters were killed in police fire.

 The statement came in minister’s response  to Congress MLAs announcement that agitation will continue if govt tries to implement the new law.

You know what happened in Godra; if stretched too far the episode will repeat ; don’t mistake patience for weakness, Ravi said, coming up on FB Live.

Godra attacks refer to 2002 Gujarat riots, which saw months-long outbreak of violence against the minority Muslim population. The riots were sparked by burning of a train near Godra station which carried pilgrims returning from UP’s Ayodhya.