29 February Saturday

Coronavirus claims 25 lives in China, More Cities Shut Down

Web Desk‌Updated: Friday Jan 24, 2020

BEIJING : Death toll from the deadly corona virus climbed to 25 in China,  where at least 10 cities have been locked down, folloing rapid rise in number of people infected with the virus.

All deaths were reported from China’s Hubel province until Thursday when a coronavirus patient died in the nearby Hebel province.

The lockdown comes amid Lunar New Year today, one of the most important dates in Chinese calendar, when millions of people travel to their native places for the festival.

In cities under lockdown, transport services have been suspended. Residents have been advised not to leave, and roadblocks have been reported.

The impact of the virus is not limited to Hubel province. Authorities have cancelled major public events in several other parts of the country, including :

 -       Shut down of the Forbidden City, Beijing’s Place Complex


-         Cancellation of traditional temple fairs in Beijing

-         Cancellation of an international carnival in Hong Kong

-         Cancellation of annual football tournament in Hong Kong

-         Cancellation of all public Lunar New Year celebrations in Macau


The virus has spread across China to lands as far as Japan, Thailand and US. Singapore too reported the virus on Thursday. Typically, coronavirus infects the respiratory tract and cause symptoms like a runny nose, cough, sore throat and fever.

In Kerala, those returning from China have been instructed to undergo screening at the nearest Medical Colleges.