29 May Monday

Pentagon Officially Releases Three UFO Videos

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Image : History.com

WASHINGTON : The pentagon has officially released three video clips showing “unidentified aerial phenomena”.


The videos were previously leaked by a private company in 2007 and 2017. Two of these clips were published by the New York Times, while the third was let out by an organisation co-founded by former Bink=182 singer Tom DeLongue.


 At that time, it created speculation that figures moving about in the footage were alien unidentified flying objects(UFOs).


Pentagon said, the videos were being released aimed to end the doubt if the videos circulating were real and whether or not there is more to the videos.


The video filmed in 2004 was reportedly filmed by two navy fighter pilots and shows a round object like “ping pong ball” hovering above the water about 160 km out into Pacific Ocean.


The other two videos were filmed in 2015 and show objects drifting through the air, one spinning.