28 May Sunday

CPO Rank List Need Not Be Scrapped, Not Much Detected : Crime Branch

Web Desk‌Updated: Thursday Nov 7, 2019
The  Civil Police Officer 2019 rank list, inclusive of  accused Sivaranjit, Pranav and Naseem, need not be cancelled,  states Crime Branch report.

No malpractice  has been detected, except cases of the  accused trio. Others therefore can be considered for  regular course of appointment, the report says.

The recommendation however comes with a pinch of caution.

The report asks PSC to tag the condition.that, should the act of copying be proven at a later stage, the individual's appointment will be rendered void.

Sivaranjit, Pranav and Naseem are suspected to have used wearable gadgets to relay copy of question paper and procure answers from accomplices outside. All three presently remain  in police custody.