06 August Friday

Shreyas Iyer Likely Out of IPL; Shoulder Injury

Vishnu VSUpdated: Wednesday Mar 24, 2021

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Shreyas has been nearly ruled out for the remainder three-match OFI series against England following shoulder injury while fielding. The shoulder is partially dislocated on the left side and he is  hospitalised for scans.

The injury happened in the eighth over of England’s chase, when he dived at extra cover to prevent a boundary. Shreyas has been  ruled out of the rest of the match along with Rohit Shama, who injured his elbow while battling. According to reports, a injury of this nature could take weeks, and even a surgery in some cases, to recover. Medically the injury is diagnosed as subluxation. Subluxation differs from a complete dislocation in that , the two bones that form a joint remain still in contact with each other  despite dislocation.