04 February Saturday

Maradona Suffers Withdrawal Symptoms; Sedated To Cope Up Alcohol Dependency

Vishnu VSUpdated: Saturday Nov 7, 2020


A member of medical team attending Diego Maradona said, the football icon has been sedated by doctors to help him cope with withdrawal symptoms from alcohol dependency.Maradona underwent emergency surgery on Tuesday for a blood clot that formed on the brain -subdural hematoma.

“He has to have treatment to stop drinking alcohol and all his family is in agreement that Diego as he is now is unmanageable,” said the hospital staff Alfredo Cahe. We have to take the bull by the horns, he added.

Maradona, according to hospital, is a ‘complicated patient” with liver and cardiovascular ailments. He has had frequent hospitalisations in past years owing to lifestyle diseases.The 60-year-old former footballer had argued to leave Buenos Aires clinic, where he was operated upon. The hospital turned down that option evaluating  “Maradona is in no state to be on his own”.

Maradona is currently manager of first-division club Ginasia y Esgrima where he looked weak and ponderous on most of his recent appearances.