30 November Monday

Kerala to host its first sporting event since Covid; State TT Championship to begin shortly

Vishnu VSUpdated: Sunday Nov 22, 2020


Kerala will  host  State TT championship shortly in days ahead.  This is going to be Kerala’s first sporting event since the pandemic and will be held conforming to  various added guidelines. Unlike before, players will only be allowed to participate in one particular category. Parnithi Nair, the senior, youth and sub-junior champion will this rime around,  have to opt just one category. Even Reeva Anna Michael, the defending junior champion, will also be forced to compete in a single category. 

The Table Tennis Association of Kerala has moved forward with the steps to complete the tournament before December 15th. The move came following a directive from the Table Tennis Federation of India. TTAK is yet to confirm the dates and venue. Sources report that a final decision regarding this matter will come around on 29 November, when the office bearers have a meeting in the headquarters in Alappuzha. 

“If the district association can hold their championship, the state championship can be organized in Alappuzha before the deadline set by out parent body. We know that it is a tough time for all of us, but we are also forced to do our bit for the players and thus for the game by organizing the state championship.”, said Michael Mathai, the TTAK secretary on Saturday.