30 November Monday

Coronavirus : 7020 New Infections; 8474 Recoveries; 6037 Contact Cases; Deaths 26

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Thursday Oct 29, 2020

Kerala Tracker : Confirmed Cases 4,09,694; Recoveries 3,25,166 ; Under Treatment 91,784 ; Deaths 1429


Thiruvananthapuram : The state recorded  7020 fresh Covid-19 cases today taking the total for confirmed cases so far in the pandemic to 4,09,694. There were 6037 contact infections reported during the day, of which the virus source to 734 cases remain untraced. On other data for the day, there were 26 covid deaths and 8474 recoveries. With this, state death-toll in the pandemic rose to 1429 and recoveries to 3,25,166. A total of  91,784  persons remain under treatment currently.

The new infections today include 168 cases pertaining  to travelers from states outside and  81  health workers. 

New cases: The districtwise breakup for the day’s 7020 new infections is : Thrissur 983; Ernakulam 802;  Thiruvananthapuram 789;  Kozhikode 692;  Malappuram 589;  Kollam 482;  Kannur 419;  Kottayam 389;  Palakkad 369;  Pathanamthitta 270;  Kasaragod 187;  Idukki 168;  Wayanad 93.

Contact cases: The split for the day’s 6037 contact cases  across districts figures at  :  Thrissur 964;   Thiruvananthapuram  625;   Alappuzha 686;   Kozhikod e664;   Malappuram 547;   Kollam 469;   Kannur 306;   Kottayam 385;   Palakkad 189;   Pathanamthitta 206;   Kasaragod 172;   Idukki 137;   Wayanad 93.

Recoveries: The districtwise tally for the day’s  8474 recoveries is : Thiruvananthapuram 880; Kollam 451; Pathanamthitta 199; Alappuzha 368; Kottayam 1050; Idukki 66; Ernakulam 600; Thrissur 1037; Palakkad 568; Malappuram 1300; Kozhikode 1006; Wayanad 99; Kannur 679;   Kasaragod 171.

Deaths: The identities pertaining to 26 deceased whose covid result were confirmed as positive today are -  Thiruvananthapuram Vanchiyoor native Padmavati amma(89);  Sreevaraham native Radhakrishnan Pillai(64);  Pazhavangadi native Geeta(60);  Karikakkam native Mereena Elizabeth(54);  Kazhakuttam native Jayachandran(67);  Kanjirmpara native Babu(63);  Perumala native Rathish(40);  Venanoor native Yashodha(73);  Varkala native Rasheedh(82);  Alappuzha Puvachkkam native Shobhana(60);  Karunagapally native Baby(72);  Harippad native Reghkumar(60);  Idukki Peumed native Sanjeev(45);  Ernakulam Anchumala native Sulekha Abubekkar(58);  Thrissur Punyuoor native Kunj Abubekkar(75);  Parav native Pareaseeda(42);  Malappuram Pookottar native Hamsa(53);  Bivi Angadi native Yoha(68);  Valancherry native Subaidh(58);  Kanumangalam native Nafeesa(66);  Paulmala native Ahmed Kuttya(69);  Kannur Thaliparamb native Ibrahim (75);  Chittariparambu native Kasim(67);  Azhikode native Kumaran(67);  Echoor native Muhammad Ali(72);  Wayanad Kalpetta native Sharadh(38).

Testing, quarantine and hotspots
45,31,069 samples were for testing in the pandemic so far, - up by 54,339 sent in the past 24 hours.
A total of 2,91,964  people are under observation currently of whom, 22,540  remain quarantined various hospitals and the remaining 2,69.424  are being monitored in their homes/institutions. 2887 people were newly admitted into hospitals during today for observation purposes. Presently 91,784 people remain under treatment in various hospitals across the state.

There were 24 new hotspots  declared today, while 22 areas were taken off the list. Total hotspots currently in the state : 694.