25 March Saturday

Fencer Jyosna Christy Clinches Kerala’s First Medal In National Games

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Friday Sep 30, 2022

The moment when Kerala;s Jyosna downed her Tamil Nadu rival

Ahmedabad :  Kerala clinches its first medal at National Games with Jyosna Christy Jose swaying victory to her side in the Sabre section – one of the three disciplines of modern fencing where the two-edged sabre weapon is used for thrusting  and cutting.

Jyosna defeated Bennycuba in quarter final and crossed with 15 – 7 for  her semi finals,  thus clinching a medal.

In fencing, entry to semi-final means a sure-shot medal. The competition is being held at Mahatma Mandir stadium in Gandhi Nagar.