04 February Saturday

Diego Maradona Undergoes Surgery For Blood Clot on Brain

Vishnu VSUpdated: Wednesday Nov 4, 2020


Buenos Aires : Football legend Diego has successfully undergone surgery for subdural hematoma - blood clot on the brain-,    said his personal doctor Leopoldo Luque on Wednesday. “The chronic hematoma was successfully evacuated,” “Diego tolerated the surgery very well. He is awake. Everything is fine,.” Luque told media.

The former footballer was initially admitted to a clinic in La Plata, 25 miles south of Buenos Aires, on Monday. There, the early evaluation pointed to “low mood”, dehydration and anemia. After the blood clot diagnosis was arrived at, Maradona  was shifted  to the Olivos clinic located 70 kilometers away.

Speaking outside the clinic Luque referred to the procedure as “routine surgery”. Subdural hematoma od a blood clot on the brain’s surface of the brain, beneath its outer covering called the dura. Usually a result of severe head injury, these clots can also occssionally happen from minor injuries and go unnoticed for days or weeks together. 

Maradona is currently the head coach of Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata.