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“Will Not End Protests Until Govt Meets Demands ”: Talks Again on 8th

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Tuesday Jan 5, 2021

NEW DELHI: Following government’s failed talks with protesting farmers the seventh time, another round will be held on 8th of January.  In all talks up to now, the farmers’ organisations insisted on repealing the 3 new farm laws passed last September,  while the government stuck to its ground that amendments to the laws could be considered instead of roll back.

During the last-held talks at Vidhan Sabha, the 40 leaders representing farmers unanimously clarified that the protests would  not end until the farmers’ demands were met. The govt has been informed that these demands were not our personal wishes, rather they were needs raised by over 450 farmers’ organisations across the country, said All India Kissan Sabha Secretary Hanan Mollah. There is no use amending provisions in the laws alone. The anti-farmer agri-marketing laws should be repealed in totality and all leaders stuck to this demand, said Hanan Mollah in his briefing to the media.

Another round of talks is slated for 8th January. Meanwhile, the Union Minister for Agriculture , Thommar, said the govt expects the protests to end soon. The meeting  held  Monday began with a minute in silence to condole deaths of those who lost their lives during the protests.