16 July Thursday

FB Post Showing Whisky and Touchings Pops Up on Amit Shah’s Ministry Page

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Thursday May 28, 2020


NEW DELHI : In a hilarious  episode on social media, whisky and touchings popped up on the Home Ministry page, leaving Union Minister Amit Shah and folks scratching their heads. The post, with pictures showing rescue teams in cyclone-hit parts of  Bengal, had two bottles of whisky in one of its windows. The post viralled instantly drawing laughter and criticism across FB users.  


The FaceBook post featured pictures and note on rescue operations being carried out by teams of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) in the Delpur, Panchala Block and Howrah regions. One among the three pictures however arrayed Whisky bottles, glasses and food pairings.  


It took 15 minutes to realise the blunder, after which the post was taken down. Later, the Home Ministry came up defending its  IT team saying,  the occurrence was a mistake not purposeful. The slip happened while switching between personal account and the Ministry’s official page, the spokesperson explained. The person responsible for the lapse submitted his written apology over the incident, he added.