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We Are One First, We Are The First ; Kerala Govt Clarifies Take On Citizenship Act via Advertisement

Web Desk‌Updated: Friday Jan 10, 2020

KOCHI :   The Kerala govt pitched its take on the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act, with a front page ad in newspapers across the country saying Kerala tops national index not only in social development, but also when it comes to upholding principles of the country’s constitution.

Kerala government and its Legislative Assembly, had received huge applause from varied political parties earlier, for passing of bold  resolution against Citizenship Amendment in a special session of its Assembly. The resolution is a befitting reply to those who oppose the state,  the ad said.


Interestingly, the Friday ad  has, found favour from those living in Sangh Parivar belts of the north too, going by the response on social media and other platforms.  The small ad comprises numerous aspects, the Delhi Union Ministers and BJP – the glimpsers of everyday headlines -  do not understand.
The caption “We are one, We are first” reflects Kerala taking lead on the contentious law. The ad proclaims “Kerala Unites To Uphold Constitution”. 


The Kerala Assembly had passed resolution opposing CAA following which, the displeased Governor, Arif Muhammad Khan,  locked horns with administration.  Today’s ad seeks to clarify government’s call on the issue.

The ad broaches on how Kerala was the first state to pass anti-CAA resolution in its Assembly and goes on to say how the government stood firm, in the face of Centre’s ration denial threats, detention centres etc


Kerala also put on hold the National Population Register(NPR) survey in the state, recognizing its link to the ominous National Register of Citizens(NRC).  Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan wrote to his counterparts in 11 other states to pass similar anti-CAA resolutions in their Legislative Assemblies. Today’s ad, seeking to pitch that demand across national power centres, has been released in most regional and English newspapers countrywide.