07 June Wednesday

Varun Gandhi Slams BJP; Shares Video On Vajpayee’s Speech Against Repressing Farmers’ Protest

Anita SasiUpdated: Thursday Oct 14, 2021

Photo credit : Lokmat

BJP MP Varun Gandhi on Thursday tweeted a video to make known his growing resentment with party atittude.  The saffron MP has been largely sidelined after he came out in empathy for Lakhimpur Kheri victims of police violence.

The video is a grab from Vajpayee’s 1980 speech in Mumbai in which he warns then Indira Gandhi government against pushing back farmers’ protests. In the clip, Vajpayee is heard saying “ ...warn the government against intimidating farmers. Don’t try to scare us. Farmers are not going to be scared. We don’t want to use farmers’ movement for politics..”

In the speech, the Vajpayee  also claims BJP would be come part of the farmers’ movement if the government ‘tries to scare us or misuse laws”.

Varun titled the post as “Wise words from a big-hearted leader..”. Incidentally, the tweet set to upset party bigwigs  comes barely days after  Varun was dropped from BJP’s National Executive Committee.