04 October Tuesday

UP Police Disrupts Marriage ; Bride and Groom Taken Into Custody On Charges of Love Jihad

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Friday Dec 11, 2020

Lucknow : In a bizarre incident, police in UP  took a bride and groom into custody on charges of Love Jihad. The police highhandedness came after a tipster informed  police that a Hindu girl who converted to Islam, was entering wedlock with a Muslim youth.

The incident took place in UP’s Kushinagar on Tusday.  Soon after the young couple were whisked away, the girl’s relatives and family submitted aadhaar cards via video call  to prove that the bride was indeed a Muslim  girl and not Hindu as mistakened.  Although convinced of Muslim identities of the cople,  the police released them  only the next day.

The 39-year-old groom, Hyder Ali claimed he was thrashed with belt and tortured for hours by the cops while in custody. The couple were let off only after, the brid Shabeela’s brother arrived at station and told police the family had no objection to their marriage.

According to Ali,  his nikkah to Shabeela was solemnized complete with  rituals  and there was small party being held at the venue, in the middle of which, police rushed to the scene and forced them into waiting vehicle and transported the to  police station. The cleric was left but only after recording a statement that the nikkah was ‘not  finalised’.

A local social activist, Arman Khan, said Ali had approached him for help to be able to marry Shabeela who had left her parents’ home for wedding of her choice.

Meanwhile, the UP police shook off all blame and accused “miscreants’(informant) for the drama.