31 March Friday

Thieves Make Away With 2 km Rail Tracks in Bihar

Web Desk (Tvm)Updated: Tuesday Feb 7, 2023

Samastipur, Bihar :  In a brazen choice of loot, thieves in Bihar make away with  2-km long rail tracks.  The unidentified suspects had dismantled and carried away  tracks connecting Pandaul Station and Lohat Sugar Mill under Samastipur Railway Division.

With the closure of  Pandaul-Lohat Sugar Mill, the  tracks on this stretch has had no trains running for several years now. The 2-km tracks belong to this deserted stretch and are worth crores evem at scrap rate.

Samastipur Railway Divisional Manager Ashok Agarwal has informed that department-level probe committee has been constituted to investigate the theft amd tjat twp RPF personeel have been suspended..

The suspension of  RPF officers, Srinivas and Mukesh Kumar, came after preliminary investigations indicate how  the two  feigned not knowing of the  theft despite tracks appearing missing in plain sight.