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Both centre and stae buy vaccines with taxpayers' money, SC reminded

How Two Prices For The Same Vaccine? SC Questions Centre’s Vaccine Policy

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday May 31, 2021

New Delhi : The Supreme Court on Monday came down heavily on the Centre asking why vaccines came at different prices for the Centre and States.  How can the same vaccine be sold to two entities at varying prices, the court asked.

In scathing observations on centre’s vaccine policy and vaccine shortage, the apex court asked centre to file a new affidavit in two weeks time stating solutions to problems faced by immunization drive in the country.

The Centre and state both utilize tax payers’ money to buy vaccines. Therefore, varying prices for the same dose cannot be accepted, said SC.

“Why do states have to pay higher price that Centre? Why was pricing decision left to the manufacturers ?  The Centre is obliged to impose uniform vaccine price for the country,”  the court said.