29 March Wednesday

Faceless Goondaism: ABVP Workers Wearing Masks Attack SFI Members at Vishwabharati University

Web Desk‌Updated: Thursday Jan 16, 2020

KOLKATA : Several students were injured  after AVBP workers attacked SFI member students inside Shantiniketan Viswabharati University  campus.

The police  arrested two student belonging to ABVP union, immediately after the attack. The miscreants , who wore masks were actively helped by safron elements from outside, said injured students. According to them, the goons entered hostel rooms, walking up and down the corridors to target SFI student members.

SFI members have put up a protest sitting in front of the varsity gates, demanding arrest of all ABVP members involved in the attack.


Those hurt have been transported to nearby hospitals for medical attention.