04 October Tuesday

SFI Condemns Police Violence Against Peaceful Rally in West Bengal

Press Statement(SFI)Updated: Friday Feb 12, 2021

The Central Executive Committee of the Students’ Federation of India condemn the brutal violence unleashed by the Mamata Banerjee Government, against the peaceful protest by SFI, DYFI and other Left students and youth organizations, in Kolkata.
The peaceful rally organized against the declining educational and employment conditions of the West Bengal state, by the SFI, DYFI and other Left student and youth organizations, was brutally attacked by the Police. Lathi charge, water cannons and tear gas shells were used against the march. Hundreds of people were injured in this attack and hundreds were arrested. Many SFI leaders were arrested and injured, including Mayukh Biswas, the All India General Secretary of SFI, Dipsita Dhar, All India Joint Secretary, Srijan Bhattacharya, SFI state secretary and Pratikur Rahman, SFI state president.
The Mamata Banerjee Government, which in its regime, had completely failed in creating jobs and improving the educational facilities in West Bengal. Infact, the State government has ensured the destruction of the favourable conditions that had existed earlier. The TMC Government had taken the partner role of the Central BJP Government in destroying the public education and employment facilities. The government that has not paid any attention to the voices of students and youth for education and employment, is now trying to suppress their voices using violent methods. As we saw earlier also, the state government along with TMC goons have attacked the protests for education and employment with brute force.
The SFI will not move backward from its fight for education for all and job for all. The SFI calls to the general public of the country to rise against the brutal atrocities unleashed on the students and youth by the Mamata Banerjee Government.
Released by
V P Sanu (President)
Mayukh Biswas (General Secretary)