23 March Thursday

Savarkar’s Mercy Petitions: Rajnath In Denial Of History : Yechury

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Thursday Oct 14, 2021

New Delhi : Rajnath Singh’s claim that VD Savarkar, - the founder of Hindutva nation ideology – put up continual  mercy petitions with British for freeing himself from jail on instructions of Gandhiji  is a blatant lie, said CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury.

Gandhiji joined the Indian freedom movement in 1915 while Savarkar pled with British with his petitions in 1911 and 1913. History is being manipulated in total contrast with  logic. RSS never took part in India’s struggle for independence. In fact they were cooperative with the British on and off, said Yechury.

The British imprisoned Gandhiji  a total of eleven times and not  once did he ever plead with British to allow him out, said Yechury in his Facebook post.

Rajnath’s claim is a shameful lie. It is widely known that RSS workers apologised to the British during colonial rule. So what’s the point in union minister propagating falsehood ? The attempt is to whitewash Savarkar’s misdeeds and his betrayal of the freedom movement, said Yechury.

Context : At the release event of book on Savarkar, Rajnath Singh said that Savarkar was an absolute patriot and that ideologues of Marxism and Leninism were wrongly portraying him as a fascist.