27 January Thursday

Sangh Parivar Attacks School Over Conversions Claims : MP

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Tuesday Dec 7, 2021

Bhopal : Sangh Parivar attacked school run by Christian management alleging conversion of students to Christianity. The incident took place at St. Joseph School in Madhya Pradesh’s Videesha. A group comprising Bajrang Dal workers stormed into the premises\, pelting stones and terrorising students who escaped the hail of stones by hair’s breadth. Window panes and school equipments were broken in the violence. The attack came even as students were writing their plus II exams.

Claims circulating on social media alleged eight students at the school converted to Christianity. Shortly after this, the school received threats of RSS Bajrang attack on t the school, against which, the authorities approached police with their  compliant, but failed to find any protection measure  from them. Allegations of religious conversions are baseless, the school management said. Nobody at the school including students have raised this kind of accusation, it said further.