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Protests Powered By Our Commitment To Humanitarian Values : Pinarayi

Web Desk‌Updated: Sunday Jan 19, 2020

NEW DELHI : The commitment to sustain humanitarian values prompts Kerala to zealously take up protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. The editorial in Indian Express carried CM’s extensive views of CAA, the National Register of Citizens(NRC) and National Population Register (NPR).


 “Kerala is renowned for its communal harmony. In Kerala, no person is discriminated for his religion or place of origin. It is the unity and cooperation among people that helped Kerala achieve huge developmental feats. Kerala, with its inherent scientific outlook, has always endeavoured to accomplish progress using tools of science and technology.  It is ingrained in the people here to  fight against injustice and offer helpful hand to those in need. Renaissance movements and progressive protests taught Kerala to forever stand up for rights people deserve. The Human Chain slated for Republic Day is symbolic of this spirit and aims to protect Constitution and democracy of the country,” said the Chief Minister.

In the article, CM came down heavily on the Citizenship Amendment saying “CAA displays blatant  discrimination of the people, based on their religions.”  Constitution does not, in any of its provisions, segregate people based on their religion for the purpose of citizenship. Article 14 of the Constitution guarantees equality before law for all those residing in the country. CAA is in  violation of this crucial right.

Kerala has assumed tough stand against NRC. It has announced in clear terms that, no detention centres shall be opened in the State to facilitate any kind of fallout pertaining NRC or CAA. Kerala has also  frozen all surveys pertaining to the National Population Register. People of Kerala will not live in fear or anxiety over citizenship concerns. Other States should also adopt similarly tough measures as that of Kerala, said Pinarayi.