01 April Saturday
Police deflated tyres of tractors and rendered it impossible for vehicles to clear out

Police Unleash Violence on Farmers; Use Tear Gas, Batons, Wreck Tractors

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Tuesday Jan 26, 2021

NEW DELHI: Police unleashed violence on farmers entering the capital shouting slogans for their rights and repeal of detrimental farm laws as part of the Republic Day tractor parade. When police tried to stop the protesters from advancing their march, there ensued a face-off giving rise to clashes at several places.

Police carried out lathi charge at Seemapur too and followed it up with tear gas. Dilshad Gardens witnessed heavy clashes as farmers tried to breach police barricades. Several including farmers were injured after police resorted to  forceful measures. Police deflated tyres of tractors and their action to thwart protesters rendered it impossible to move vehicles away at several places.

Meanwhile, farmers  who arrived from Haryana’s Karnal returned to Singhu. They had conducted their march from Singhu to Karnal before making  their way back to Singhu. At Singhu the farmers broke barricade and managed to arrive at GT Road. Tractor rally made inroads to Pragathy Maidan and Raj Ghat too.

(A cop deflyating tractor tyre)