04 October Wednesday

Police Unleash Violence In Delhi: Cops Brutally Assault P Krishnadas

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Monday Oct 4, 2021

New Delhi : Police unleash  violence amid  protests in Delhi relating to farmer killings in U.P.  Policemen brutally beat up All India Kissan Sabha Treasurer Kirshnaprasad brutally, as he was speaking to news reporters at the protest venue. The cops later dragged Krishnaprasad to their waiting van midway of which,  they punched him in the stomach.

The police also arrested Kissan Sabha  and DYFI workers from front of U.P Bhavan where protests were being held. The protesters were conducting sit-ins in front police barricades there when the police, without provocation, launched the  assaults. The police message was clear : they would not allow protests against the U.P. government even at a  location as far as Delhi.
Meanwhile, the death toll in Lakhimpur violence rose to ten. Protests have erupted around the country in the incident where Union Deputy Minister’s son killed farmers by running them over using car and opening fire later. The farmers in Lakhimpur picket the roads laying  bodies of slain farmers.