04 June Sunday

Without Support Prices, Country's Food Safety Will Collapse: Prabhat Patnaik

Staff CorrespondentUpdated: Wednesday Mar 22, 2023

New Delhi : If the Central government fails to announce minimum support price(MSP), the country’s food safety will fall to pieces, forewarned renowned economist Prabhat Patnaik. Lending legal protection to MSP is not for  benefit of the farmers alone, but is essentially in the interest of the country, he said. Patnaik, who is C hairman of the Welcome Committee, was speaking at the press conference in Dhich in context of April 5 when lakhs of farm workers and farmers will jointly take out a march in Delhi. 

If there be no MSP,   farmers will  pull out of food crops, said Patnaik. This will iin turn hit India’s food security like it happened in  some African countries, he added.

The joint march  would be led  by CITU, All India Kisan Sabha and All India Farmers Union.  Joint  conventions were held across 400 districts, the Kisan Sabha vice president Hannanmolla said . CITU General Secretary Tapan Sen and Agricultural Workers Union All India General Secretary B Venkat also attended the press conference.

The protest demands legal protection for minimum support prices,  repealing of labor codes and electricity bills,  to halt  privatisation of public sector units and, imposing additional taxes on the rich.