24 September Sunday

No Light, No Water, No Food To Break Fast; Residents In Jahangirpuri Locked Up

Rithin PauloseUpdated: Saturday Apr 23, 2022

New Delhi : In Delhi’s  northwestern area of Jahangirpuri, where BJP’s latest hunt-down of the minorities erupted, residents remain locked up with no light, no water or a morsel to break the daily Ramadan fast. The inhuman blow has been dealt out after Supreme Court grounded the municipality’s demolition activity. People are not allowed to go for work, nor children to their schools. Although it’s days of Ramadan fasting, people are barred  from going out to fetch food or water. Police assurance of delivering essentials to the residents has not come through. Traders arrive intermittently selling water, the prices are high. Water and electricity lines have been severed. Several bathrooms and toilets have been demolished. Police claim  the block put under lock to prevent outside attacks.

We’re Not Refugees
Residents here refuted BJP propaganda that people of Jahangirpuri were Bangladeshi and Rohinya refugees. Authorities have  been submitted with records showing proof of their tenancy dating back to decades. The family of arrested 19-year-old Shakeer is a household of this kind. How else could one possibly live in this country for this long?, they ask. Muhammad Hussain, a resident of 30 years in C Block too now has his house bulldozed. The small food stall that 40-year-old Rehana Biwi ran to support her ailing  husband and family, too has been razed down. Although she submitted records to the corporation, they bulldozed the structure anyway. Ilias, Ashraf - a mechanic by trade, widowed Hanifa, Babalu, Mustafa.. the list of those with homes gone is long, very long.