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Religion Should Be Segregated From Politics: Each Should Be Able To Choose One’s Religion and Live Thereby: Yechury

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Oct 17, 2020


NEW DELHI: Current scenario in the country is proof that secularism upheld by communists is righteous, said CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury. The Left veteran was speaking  at the 100th founding anniversary of communist party in India.

Communists believe that religion should be segregated from  politics and the state. At the same time, every individual should wield the liberty to choose his or her  religion and live by it. Also, those choosing to hold no faith at all, should have the freedom to let be and live likewise. The country’s constitution assures such rights. Nobody should claim their gods are superior to those of others’, said Yechury.

During the freedom movement and in independent India, secularism came to be defined as equality to all religions. This naturally resulted in the majority religion gaining national supremacy. And, with RSS-led front coming into power, secularism as laid in the country’s constitution faced seious  challenge. Efforts are ongoing to subvert all constitutional establishments and democracy itself. Those raising voice against attacks on minorities and dalits are being persecuted and slammed with treason charges.

Democracy cannot stand on its own  severed from secularism, said Yechury. Prominent leaders in attendance at the centenary included  Politburo members Prakash Karat, Muhammad Salim and  Nilotpal Basu.