20 September Monday
48.2 percent of population in Kerala have received at least one shot

Kerala Leads In Vaccination; Uttar Pradesh At Bottom Of List

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Tuesday Jul 27, 2021

New Delhi : Kerala tops the chart for vaccination rate in the country with 21 percent of its population above  18 having received both shots A statistics released  by Health Ministry listed state positions.   48.2 percent  of adults in Kerala have received at least one dose of the vaccine. The state is forerunner  on the immunization list for states with population above one crore. Delhi and Gujarat trails close behind. Among states with population below one crore, Himachal Pradesh is in the lead. 21.11 percent of Himachal have received two doses of the vaccine and 67.7 percent  at least one.

Kerala is grappling with vaccine shortages owing to diminished supply from the centre. By contrast reports suggest  BJP-ruled states of Gujarat, Karnataka etc have teeming stocks. Kerala has upkept the lead by utilising  all of its vaccine doses without wastage. Incidentally, NDA-ruled Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are at states at bottom of the list for vaccinated. In Bihar, only 4.9 percent of the population have had their first shot and only 25.2 percent have received both doses. The national average for those vaccinated with both doses stands at 9.69 percent and at 36.3 for single dose receivers.