06 December Monday

Rahul Gandhi’s Close Aide Jitin Prasada Joins BJP

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Jun 9, 2021

New Delhi : Former Union Minister and Rahul Gandhi’s close aide, Jitin Prasada crossed over to BJP on Wednesday, taking his saffron membership at the party headquarters in Delhi.

Jitin Prasada meeting with Union Minister Piyush Goyal recently had made news in national media. Prasada was AICC secretary in-charge of West Bengal.

“BJP is the only real political party,” said Prasada while being inducted. Interestingly, BJP leader Anil Bellani in his tweet earlier had hinted of a prominent Congress leader joining the party soon. Jitin’s friction with  leadership has been on and off in his 20 years with the party.

Reports emerged in 2019 of Prasada joining BJP however,  he had denied the speculation at the time. Later Prasada was one among the G23-group inside Congress that shot a letter to Sonia Gandhi calling for  “sweeping reforms, collective decision-making and full-time visible leadership”, Following the letter, Prasad was largely sidelined in the party.

Prasada had also openly protested Congress alliance with Indian Secular front. A close aide of Rahul Gandhi, Prasada was union minister in Manmohan Singh government. According to sources, Prasada is set to contest for BJP in upcoming UP elections of 2022.