17 May Tuesday

“It’s 80 vs 20 Fight Of Percentages In U.P” - Yogi Campaigns Communal Hate In Full Gear

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Tuesday Jan 11, 2022

Lucknow : In prelude to Assembly elections Yogi Adityanath launches overt communal hate campaign in Uttar Pradesh. The election is fight between 80 and 20 percent of the population, Yogi tells voters.

“Elections have come a long way. Now, it is fight between 80 and 20 with 20 percent comprising haters of Ram Janmabhoomi, mafia, criminals and anti-farmer population. 80 percent on the other hand represents supporters of  nationalism, good governance and development, and they will vote for BJP, ‘ said Yogi.

Yogi’s communally divisive campaign speaks of BJP’s strategy to retain power in U.P at all costs. U.P. will go to polls in seven phases. Elections will be held on  10, 14,20,23,27 of Feb and 3,7 of March. Results will be declared on 10 March.