24 September Sunday

“Intentional and Motivated Baseless Propaganda” - Says Surjya Kanta Mishra on Reports of Left-BJP Electoral Understanding

Web Desk‌Updated: Friday May 11, 2018

Kolkata > CPI M West Bengal State Secretary Surjya Kanta Mishra lashed out at reports of CPI M – BJP electoral understanding to fight TMC violence, calling it “intentional and motivated false, baseless propaganda spread jointly by anti-left forces” - including TMC and BJP.

Both the TMC and the BJP are adding fuel to this propaganda. Since 2014, they are trying for political polarisation based on communal polarisation. Now they are initiating false campaign against the Left parties to hide their misdeeds, he said in a statement issued.

Since last four years, our slogan in West Bengal has been: oust BJP, save the country and oust TMC, save Bengal. BJP is the main threat in the country and they are operating under the direction of RSS. The units of RSS have increased by 11 times since the TMC has come to power in Bengal. They schematically want to project BJP as the main opposition in Bengal. The falsehood is being propagated against us to suppress this. The stories of fighting out BJP with the help of TMC or opposing TMC with assistance of BJP are being spread to mislead people. We appeal to the people not to be trapped- he explained.

Regarding the seats in which there are no candidates for Left Front or allies, he made it clear that the party’s appeal to the people is to support the candidates who are politically fighting against the TMC and the BJP.

The picture of CPI M MLA Rama Biswas taking part in a procession in Nadia district was completely misinterpreted to fuel this false propaganda. In fact, the procession was not part of election campaign, but a protest organized by villagers against the attack of the ruling party in a village. Being the local MLA, Rama Biswas participated in the procession. Referring to this campaign, he said “it has nothing to do with any election campaign or any kind of electoral understanding”.

He also said that CPI M had publicly declared any Party member maintaining any sort of political relationship with the BJP or the enemy camp will be summarily expelled according to the Party constitution. Action has already been taken against two such members. We are keeping close vigil and no compromise will be made on this regard. If any non-Party member, supported by Party, is found to maintain any political relation with BJP or enemy camp then the Party will immediately dissociate itself from that candidate even if he/she wins the election, he added.

TMC and BJP have always maintained a smooth match-fixing among themselves. Former AITC general secretary Mukul Roy has been the recent example who is now in the BJP camp. Locket Chatterjee who is now a BJP leader was also associated with the TMC. But, there is no such example of any Left Leader joining BJP. One can become their natural ally after expulsion from Party but we're keeping strict vigil and strict action will be taken if any Party member is found to be involved in any such contact with the enemy camps, said CPI M West Bengal state secretary.