05 July Sunday

India Unites: 25 Crore People To Join National Strike Tomorrow

Web Desk‌Updated: Tuesday Jan 7, 2020

NEW DELHI : Life across the country is set to be paralysed by massive nationwide strike, which will see more than 25 crore people including, Central and State govt employees, staying away from work to protest against anti-labour polices of the Narendra Modi Govt.

Banks, government offices and educational institutions will remain closed on the day. Railway services too are likely to be hit. Also workers from defence, coal, PSUs and transport sectors will participate in the general strike. The one-day bandh will also see massive participation from student community across the country.


Unions Taking Part in the Strike :

-           Centre of Indian Trade Unions(CITU)

-          All India United Trade Union Centre (AIUTUC)

-          All India Trade Union Caontress (AITUC)

-          Hind Mazdoor Sabha(HMS)

-          Self-Employed Women’s Association *SEWA)

-          All India CEntreal Council of Trade Unions(AICCTU)

-          Labour Progressive Federation(LPF)

-          United Trade Union Congress(UTUC)

-          Indian National Trade Union Congress(INTUC)

-          Trade Union Coordination Centre(TUCC)

-          Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) <All six Unions>

Major Demands

1)      The Centre should drop the proposed labour reforms(amendments)

2)      Minimum wage to be hiked from Rs 21,000 to Rs 24,000 per month

3)      Stop privatizing public sector undertakings

4)      Repeal CAA, NRC and NPR

5)      Bank employees have demands for higher wagers in the after math of mergers and reforms that have taken place in recent years.