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Home Ministry Claim Falls Flat : India Purchased Pegasus Spyware, Reports New York Times

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Jan 29, 2022

New Delhi : India purchased the Israeli spyware Pegasus, reveals the New York Times in its report. The master hacking software was bought as part of a defence contract, says the daily.

Per the report : The defence deal involved dates back to 2017 and was worth $ 2 billion. It comprised purchase of weapons including missile merchandise and the decision was made during  Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Israel earlier that year.

It was planned to use the software for domestic surveillance for a long time come. The malware became deployed and remained in operation until the 2020 decision to halt its usage.

The Centre has largely shied away from commenting on Pegasus issue. The Union Home Ministry in 2021 said the government made no deals with Isrrael-based NSO Group - a proclamation that falls flat now with New York Times findings proving it was not so.

Several prominent citizens in the country including journalists fell prey to Pegasus hacking, a subsidiary firm of Facebook had revealed earlier.