15 July Wednesday

Over 1.57 Lakh Covid Infections In The Country ; Cases in Tamil Nadu Cross 18,000

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Thursday May 28, 2020


NEW DELHI : Over 1.57 lakh coronavirus infections have been reported in the country, with more than 7,000 new cases recorded on Wednesday alone and 181 deaths during the day. The figures are the highest single-day jump to have happened so far.


Over 4,500 fatalities have been recorded since the outbreak first began. Maharashtra, the hardest-hit among Indian states, has more than 60,000 cases on record and saw 105 deaths in a single day yesterday . Infections in Delhi and Gujarat have crossed 15,000. On Wednesday, Maharashtra accounted for 6387 infections and 97 deaths. Delhi fatalities crossed 300 and reported 792 fresh cases. Infections in Tamil Nadu continue to surge with over 18,000 cases so far. The state records a 12.203 percent against the national percentage of 42.4 for people who recover from the infection. The overall death percentage for the country now stands at 2.86 percent.


Other Facts  :

ð Those arriving in Kerala from Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh must go under mandatory quarantine.


ð In Mumbai a one-month-old baby recovered from Covid-19


ð Nationwide death toll is expected to reach 18,000 by July.


ð In Madhya Pradesh, a part of Raj Bhavan  has been declared as containment area after six residents there tested positive for the virus there.