20 September Sunday

China Refuses To Recognise Borders; Poses Challenge in Ladakh: Rajnath Singh

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Sep 16, 2020


NEW DELHI : China is not prepared to acknowledge set borders posing a challenge for the country at its Ladakh border, said Defence Minister Rajnath Singh in the parliament on Tuesday. The demarcations are based on geographical markings and bi-lateral accords thereof, said Singh adding that, border disputes call for utmost restraint in the talk process  thats has run its course since 1950.

In Ladakh, China has encroached  38,000 sq km of area of Indian territory. 5180 sq km area in Pak-occupied Kashmir too has encroached by China. Additionally, China claims 90,000 sq km of territory in Arunachal Pradesh. The 1993 and 96 accords require  both countries to keep their troops deployment thin at the  Line of Actual Control(LAC) and honoring that term is imminent to resolving the border issue, the minister said.

In the month of April China raised its troop-level at border on eastern Ladakh and initiated a skirmish the following month to disrupt Indian patrolling in the area , all of which raised border tensions for both countries. . China later tried  to breach LAC several times, with Indian side successfully pushing back each attempt. Then even as commanders from both sides held talks and agreed to pulling back respective  troops, , the Chinese army launched another attack in Galwan on 15th of July.

India, in no uncertain terms, has made it known that its forces will do all that it takes to protect  the country’s interests, Rajanath told the House in reply to a query by the Opposition.