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Foreign Educational Campuses: UGC Draft Guideline Must Be Withdrawn : CPI(M) Polit Bureau

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Jan 7, 2023

New Delhi : The UGC must withdraw its draft guideline on opening of foreign universities and institutions in the country, demanded CPI(M) Polit Bureau.

The draft guidelines are so framed that within 90 days of  securing approval, the institutions will have autonomy to fix fees and appoint teachers.  This will see a number of elite institutions charging exorbitant fees, crop up around the country and corrpt the higher education sector. This move is highly detrimental.

It is proposed to allow these institutions to set their own criterion for taking in students both, from within the country and abroad. What’s more, there is no upper ceiling to fees.

The entry of foreign institutions will open up cross-border funds, foreign currency accounts,  foreign exchange remittances, fund remittances etc.

This kind of policies from the government and education authorities  will subvert sovereignty of the educational system. Earlier, the Corporates in India were allowed to set up such commercial establishments and accorded the status of  National Centres of Excellence.  There has been no advancement of this in the public domain however.

The higher education scenario in India is topsy-turvy  as a result of the new educational policy and reckless online  teaching systems in the wake of Covid pandemic. Reports suggest a growing number of college and  university dropouts as a fallout of this. It will become very difficult for students from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue higher education.

The draft proposal should be withdrawn. The govt and the UGC must become willing to hold discussions with student and teachers organisations and those anxious about state of higher education ahead.  The UGC must not act unilaterally without consulting the state governments.  All democratic, patriotic forces must come forward and oppose the UGC’s unilateral move, said  Polit Bureau in its statement.