26 March Sunday

Farmers Brave Cold and Rains in Their Protest Against Farm Laws

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Sunday Dec 13, 2020

NEW DELHI : The downpours amid Delhi’s freezing cold failed to lull farmers’ agitation against centre’s detrimental laws. The capital and adjoining areas recorded their lowest temperatures in 10 years.  Added to this, were rains that descended Saturday morning. Farmers had made preparations however,  to brace up all  weather extremes in order to  keep their protests afloat under any circumstances.

Protesters including aged farmers reinforced their  willingness to stand undeterred for their cause. The community also has  preparations in place to sustain extended  protest  even if that means,  fight lasting months. Trucks and tents serve as  makeshift shelters for recluse from Delhi’s brutal cold. And, despite morning rains, thousands of farmers were seen assembled at their venues.