18 May Wednesday

Fall In Covid Cases Countrywide; 2,38,018 Infections, 310 Deaths

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Tuesday Jan 18, 2022

New Delhi : In a respite amid surge, fewer cases of Covid-19 were reported countrywide Monday. The Test Positivity Rate(TPR) for the day too stood lower at 14.43 from 19.65 percent the day before. 310 were reported dead from the infection in the 24 hours in question 1,57,421 recoveries were made in that time. There are currently 17,36,628 live cases currently.

The nationwide decline was helped by reduced infections in mega cities of Delhi, Mmbai etc. Delhi recorded 30 percent fall in cases with 12,528 infections in daily tally. In Mumbai, that figure stood at 5956.

Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka is witnessing rise unabated with Tamil Nadu recording 23,443 fresh cases and 20 death. Chennai alone recorded 8591 new cases.Kerala reported 22,946 new infectins and Karnataka 27,156.

Omicron infections around the country are on the rise. There are 8891 cases confirmed so far.