27 June Monday

DYFI Blocks Trains in Kozhikode In Solidarity With Jamia Islamia Students : Citizenship Act Protest

Web Desk‌Updated: Sunday Dec 15, 2019

KOZHIKODE : In a show of solidarity for student protesters thrashed mercilessly by police, for opposing Citizenship Amendment,  DYFI-led marchers blocked trains at Kozhikode on Sunday.


Police came down heavily at peaceful protests by students near Jamai Millia Islamia University earlier in the day. Cops entered the campus and students were reportedly treated like criminals – thrashed brutally and asked to walk with hands up and led outside.


According to sources, even students offering prayers inside the University mosque were not spared. The campus echoed with screams as alleged police highhandedness intensified.


The university administration said the students did not participate in the violence and blamed anti-social elements from nearby localities for entering the campus and unleashing violence. The students protested peacefully, it said, against the newly enacted Citizenship Act for its anti-minority and unconstitutional nature.