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“Sick People Too Not Allowed To Cross Border” Says Karnataka Police; Woman Dies tragically After Cops Block Ambulance Repeatedly

Web Desk‌Updated: Sunday Mar 29, 2020

Kasaragod: A critically ill woman died due to inhuman conduct on part of Karnataka police who refused to open border passage for the ambulance she was being transported in. Pathu, the deceased 75 year-old woman was a native of Bantwal in Karnataka and  had a history of medical conditions that was being treated at the Yenepoya Medical College in her native State. She had  come to her daughter’s house at Udyawar Kasaragod to undergo a  treatment at the Manjeshwar Hospital.

Yesterday,  Pathu’s health condition slid  from bad to worse and was being rushed in an ambulance to a hospital in Mangalapuram. The police at the Talapady gate stopped the ambulance and refused to let the vehicle pass “Even seriously ill people aren’t allowed to cross the border” the police said. Despite the repeated requests from Pathu’s granddaughter and ambulance crew, the Karnataka police was unrelenting. “We don’t need sick people from Kerala Coming to Karnataka”, they said. .

The driver then  took a different route heading for a hospital in Derkatti. However Karnataka police put their foot down this time again, for the second time. Desperate, the driver tried a  lesser tread route to escape cops but faced locals who acted in identical fashion. “The people living at the borders face a risk of being denied passage, even in it be for emergency healthcare.” the ambulance driver told media later.

The only occupants in the ambulance was the driver, his helper and Pathu’s granddaughter. A trip back to   hospital in Kasaragod meant a very long drive which the already exhausted Pathu could not withstand.  Eventually, the ambulance brought her back home where she died in the early hours of Sunday morning.