06 October Thursday

Dolo Manufacturers’ Incentives To Doctors Amount To Rs 1000 Crores

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Friday Aug 19, 2022

New Delhi : Incentivization trends as a must for doctors to prescribe more brand-name medications and the malady has come up before Supreme Court for remedy, In a Public Interest LitigationIPIL) filed against the practice by the Board of Direct Taxes,  the medical representatives of the company  submitted that  Dolo manufacturers’ perks for doctors writing their pill  crossed  Rs 1000 crores!.

Describing the situation as grave, the Bench headed by Justice DY Chandrachudh asked Additional Solicitor representing the govt, to submit affidavit  in 10 days time

The apex court was hearing Public Interest Litigation(PIL) calling for action against companies that disburse freebies to doctors for prescribing their brand of medications. The practice of incentivising doctors for writing prescriptions should be checked under Unicform Code of Pharmaceutical Marketing Practice(UCPMA), the PIL urged.

The plaintiffs claimed there happened widespread prescription of the drug Remdesivir during Covid pandemic, largely owing to benefits pharmaceuticals  lavished on doctors.