25 July Thursday

Disqualified For Questioning The Adani - Modi Bond; Will Continue Democratic Struggle : Rahul Gandhi

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Mar 25, 2023

New Delhi : Disqualification will not serve to silence; Will continue the democratic struggle, said Rahul Gandhi. There will be no stopping to raising questions. The disqualification has come for openly questioning bond between Adani - Modi, said Rahul in his first media appearance since disqualification.

Adani and Modi have  longstanding relationship. Who do you think has invested crores in Adani shell companies? This was the question raised in Parliament and substantiated with evidence. The bond between Modi and Adani is deep and old. The disqualification is over questioning that connect. Whether by disqualification or intimidation, it would  not be possible to snuff out my voice, said Rahul Gandhi.

Democracy is under siege. We see examples of that happening each day. They skipped my speech in the Parliament. I hen sent a detailed letter to the Lok Sabha Speaker. Some MPs speak lies about me. They say I sought help from forces abroad. I have never done that. All these doings  will not silence me. I will continue to ask questions on the connect between Prime Minister Modi and Adani, Rahul told reporters.