23 September Saturday

Delhi Violence : Police Ignored 6 Intelligence Reports; Forewarned About BJP’s Call Morphing Into Riots

Web Desk‌Updated: Thursday Feb 27, 2020

NEW DELHI  :  Emerging reports point to negligence on part  of Delhi police as a major reason for riotous situation in Delhi. Before violence began on Sunday evening, Intelligence and Special Branch  sent 6 reports to Delhi police warning them of impending riots.  A media report now cites how the police simply sat on forewarning, doing nothing. BJP leader Kapil Mishra’s calling forth people to become organized and subdue anti-CAA protesters would assume riotous proportions, the  Intelligence report had warned police. 

Scenes that since unfolded saw duel protests transforming into communal riots and  slipping out of control. Criticism is rife that,  police did no follow-up on the intelligence reports presented to them. Upping the ante, Intelligence also radioed wireless messages to police, an  official said on condition of anonymity, says  Times of India(ToI) report.

At 1.22 pm on Sunday afternoon, Kapil Mishra put out his first tweet asking people to assemble at Maujpur around 3 pm for holding pro-CAA rally. Despite being aware of Mishra’s impending arrival  at Jafrabad metro station where anti-CAA protesters were and its consequences for people there, the police remained impassive, says ToI report. The callousness was in spite of prior warning from Intel, it said.

Police stationed just 12 Km away were unaware of crowds increasingly pouring in at anti-CAA venue  near Jafrabad metro station on 22nd February, says Intelligence report. Even patrol police failed to pick up clues, it added. Later when riots broke out after Kapil Mishra’s arrival, there were neither adequate police deployments nor instructions coming down from top rungs in the police department, the report said.