30 January Monday

Vote Counting In Delhi : AAP, BJP Race Neck-and-neck, Congress Trailing Far Behind

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Dec 7, 2022

New Delhi : As vote-counting progresses for elections to Municipal Corporation of Delhi(MCD) the AAP challengers are neck-and-neck with BJP, leaving Congress far behind. With wild swings in early numbers, a forecast of who will control the Corporation is impossible

Voting took place in the 250 wards of  the national capital were on the 4th. Exit polls put AAP as winner with huge lead, the surveys don’t always  align with final outcome always though.

The BJP controlled the Corporation for last 15 years.  Votes are being counted at 42 centres in Delhi. There were 1349 candidates in the fray. In 2017, BJP won 181 of the 270 municipal wards while AAP secured 48 and Congress finished third with 30.